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Computerspiele als Kunst auf der 54. Biennale von Venedig

Nachdem Computerspiele auf der documenta11 waren und im MoMA PS1 ausgestellt sind, sie demnächst ins Smithsonian Art Museum wandern, Game Art Titelthema der letzten Art News war,  eine neue Grammy-Kategorie für Computerspielmusik eingeführt wird, sind auch die Italiener mit im Boot:

Games kommen auf die 54. Biennale von Venedig.

Die Ausstellung »Neoludica. Art is a Game 2011—1966« mit Kunstwerken aus dem Bereich der Game Art wird die im Juni eröffnende Biennale als »side-event« begleiten. Im folgenden gibt es die Pressemeldung von Videogame Source in etwas merkwürdiger englischer Sprache.

Das Wesentliche – nämlich die Namen der teilnehmenden Künstler – habe ich gefettet. Wer Italienisch kann, guckt bitte hier oder auf der Facebookseite der Veranstaltung.

»A side-event of 54. International Art Exhibition of Venice explores the concept of video games as art This year's Venice Biennale will dedicate one of the events, dubbed Neoludica, video games. We read the official press release: Arts and gaming: in how many forms you may decline this report? Art is a game, Duchamp said, and the games are art.

The entry of the game in the dance of the Muses has further enriched this report: video games are an art and have, in recent years, a significant impact on other arts: cinema and literature, from music to visual arts. At the crossroads between cultural forms of production and very different, and it is the fault of this meeting / clash that makes them terribly interesting.

Neoludica is an event that wants to fully explore these relationships.

The list of participating artists:

Federico and Alessandra Rigano Castronuovo 'Serenata',

Aurie Harvey and Michael Samyn 'Tale of Tales',

Lorne Lanning and McKenna Sharry 'Oddworld';

Paolo Della Corte,

Marianna Santoni;

Mustica Nino,

Mikayel Ohanjanyan,

Samuel Arcangioli,

Massimo Giuntoli,

Gabriella Parisi,

Matteo Bittanti + IOCOSE,

Marco Brambilla,

Tonylight Cadioli Marco,

Mauro Ceolin,

Damiano Colacito,

Eva & Franco Mattes,

Les Liens Invisibles,


Antonio Riello,

Federico Solmi,

Santa Ragione,

Stephanie Spera,

Carlo Zanni,

Miltos Manetas,



Jan Vormann.

In a world premiere, the event highlights the artistic force uniting the various aspects of the theme neoludico integrating the merging into one another, starting from the reflection that the art of photography has inspired and contaminated 900 different creative fields today (Della Corte, Santoni).

With Duchamp's phrase "Between Art is a game to people of all periods" it is foretold that the role of art in the game today. The debate is about how video games-Interactive Multimedia-an art form but are not yet understood by the cultural world. While all create, organize, debate within their fields (environment-trade fairs, forums, university) Musea_GameArtGallery_E Ludo-Lab intend to establish a connection courageous and scientifically identify the processes and outcomes defined Neoludica.

They range from video game art, analog and digital, photography and video, tactile and intangible, to the repertoire of 45 years of console (with GamesCollection. Com), six joint exhibits and 34 artists. Italians do it better! because the Italian artists from the nineties have shown an early interest in video games: anticipating the phenomena of gaming machinima movies, independent productions, entertainment electronics.

Archetypes and landscapes provides an opportunity to go deep into the dynamics of video games with publishers, pointing out all the plans of inspiration (15 and 30 games of big names and artwork studios). Serenata believes in continuity of communication platforms and artistic expression.

With Lorne Lanning and Oddworld you read the links with avant-garde and contemporary art with the great Jack Goldstein. The Tale of Tales have dedicated their lives to creating emotionally rich interactive art forms. A path of augmented reality (marked by dispatchwork Jan Vormann), in Venice and Mestre, combining sculpture with that of Nino Mustica Ohanjanyan Mikayel, a large cubic structure of iron wires twisted to create geometric surfaces, where phrases encoded in QR waiting to be deciphered.

Illuminations - Illuminations (under 54. International Art Exhibition as the director Bice Curiger) is also a work of Rimbaud, the poet of synesthesia: Neoludica born under its sign in order to create an arrangement of sounds and lights (with Massimo Giuntoli and Tiberius), travel unpublished between the language of incorporation for the formation of a new reservoir of visual contemporary practices.«

Hall Of Laneri, Santa Croce 131, Venice from June 1 to November 27 Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre, from June 1 to October 31«