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Computerspiele + Kunst bei A MAZE. United in Berlin

Ab dem 02.02. gibt es neue Events unserer Freunde von A MAZE in Berlin. Zum Medienkunstfestival transmediale haben die Berliner viel vor und präsentieren unterschiedliche Formate zwischen Party und Ausstellung. A MAZE. United02. bis 05. Februar in der systM gallery, Torstraße 68, 10119 BerlinVernissage: 02. Februar, 18:00 Finissage: 05. Februar, 18:00Öffnungszeiten: 18:00 – 22:00, Bar 18:00 – 02:00 Zu sehen sind folgende Arbeiten, Kunstwerke und Games: Prokop Bartonicek: "you can't hide it all." >> www.prokopbartonicek.comThis installation deals in more detail with the environment of amateur pornography. The fact that many women and men, amateur pairs. Prokop was, however, captivated by the manner in which they at least partially conceal their identity, their face and personal items that are important to them – a photograph on the wall of their bedroom, a pendant on their chest, a plush toy from their childhood – by the simplest, amateur, graphical means. Even despite all of their efforts to conceal a part of their privacy, he still has the feeling as if he, with a battery in hand, was spying in their kitchen and living room. “You can’t hide it all!” Born Digital: "ShuffleBoard 2.0 – Unplug & play" >> www.borndigital.nuThe famous Dutch shuffleboard is back on track and needed a rejuvenating fancy dress. Pimped with modern day technology and spontaneous creativity this golden oldy is here to enlighten your playful and social wellbeing. A generative playing field tracked by kinect and video warped with projection mapping techniques this arena takes on wonderful shapes in sight & sound. That’s what you get shuffling the old and the new. It’s all about experience. The traditional game play is unaltered so leave none of your ingrained shuffle skills behind as you come to practice it. Bring your best arms and be prepared. Slide the rocks confidently, but conserve a sharp and attentive mind to overrule your opponents in the mental part of play.Enjoying refreshments is allowed during all parts of the play, as well are creative tech talks and direct interventions and fiddling with the machinery around. Born Digital: "Mapping blocks" >> www.borndigital.nuIs an ongoing project investigating various projection mapping techniques in our studio. The physical and virtual models correspond which facilitates seamless translation between the two. We use different 2d and 3d motion graphics and generative software to create stuff on the projection surface. Whoever wants to participate, discover the possibilities or discuss ideas on the projection mapping subject is welcomed to do so. Download the models from where you can also find some example templates already. After returning from the Systm sessions in Berlin, the setup will be rebuild in Utrecht, web-streamed and connected (upload clips) to allow further creative interventions and experiments. Spaces of Play: "Spirits" >> www.spacesofplay.comSpirits is an action-puzzle game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch where you manipulate wind and ground in the game world to guide the Spirits towards the goal. You have four different actions for this: Blow or block wind, dig tunnels and grow bridges of leaves. Sound and music are done completely with orchestral musical instruments. In combination with the hand-drawn graphics this gives the game a unique poetic feel. Ludic Interfaces: "Theory Shooter" >> www.ludicinterfaces.comTheory Shooter by Ludic Interfaces/ Fuchs, Hiriart 2011The text space consists of a northern European forest with text that is relevant for the Ludic Interfaces research field. Short terms like "Ludotopia" or "Ludic Phantasms" are implemented as 3D objects and textured to fit the boreal environment. Also text fragments of 2 to 3 sentences can be found in the environment. The game is like a hide and seek game for text and will play with text(ures) in a ludic manner.Phrases and key terms hidden in the forest are:Homo ludens, Ludic Architecture, Funware, Ludic Society, Ludic Cyborg, Ludotopia, Ludic Interfaces, Gamification - Ludification – Ludoformation, Can Animals play?, Does nature play? Do machines play?"Was dient denn jemals wirklich zu nichts?" (R. Pfaller) Zusätzlich zur Ausstellung gibt es noch folgende Events:A MAZE. Manifesto - Controlled Invasion with Heather Kelley and Thorsten S. Wiedemann4. Februar, 10:30 - 14:30 at Upper Foyer / CoS Workstation - HKW5. Februar, 10:30 - 14:30 at K2 - HKW6. Februar, 11:00 - 14:00 at K1 Ludic Salon - HKW Calling the game input the “controller” was the first lie. In fact, games control us – and we like it. As game designers and critics, we have an ethical responsibility to understand the seductive power of challenge and action of these interactive micro-worlds in terms of their potentially serious consequences. The workshop leaders will engage their guests and distant collaborators to build a framework of game design ethics that recognises both the pleasure and ambivalences inherent to this persuasive medium. The ultimate goal being nothing less than a Manifesto – a defining statement of a way forward that is both critical and Special feature: OPEN Signs exhibition curated by Heather KelleyVernissage: 2. Februar, 18:30Öffnungszeiten: 2. Februar - 6. Februar, 10:00 – 18:00 Mo – Fr, 14:00 – 18:00 Sa & SoAddress: Marshall McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada, Ebertstr. 14 Exhibition will open with Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2011 featuring Mark Surman at the Embassy of Canada. Accompanying the Marshall McLuhan Lechture 2011 will be the vernissage of the OPEN Signs exhibition curated by Heather Kelley featuring open source based artworks by Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat, Brandon Ballengée, Ben Bogart, Alexandre Catonguay, Brett Gaylor, and