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Konferenz + Workshop in Manchester: Ludotopia II

Update: Der Kollege Souvik Mukherjee hat in seinem Blog Ludus ex Machina, die Ludotopia II zusammengefasst. Den Text kann man hier lesen. Zwischendurch ein bisschen Theorie: Am Donnerstag fliege ich nach Manchester auf die Konferenz/den Workshop Ludotopia II. Nachdem der spatial turn – abseits der Grabenkämpfe zwischen Ludologen und Narratologen – in der Computerspielforschung einigen Einfluss gewinnen konnte, hat sich die Einsicht etabliert, dass man Computerspiele als Bilder untersuchen kann, die gleichzeitig räumliche Konfigurationen sind (vgl. mein Buch: Die Raummaschine). Und das sehen wir uns in Manchester genauer an! The University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UKTHINKlab, Maxwell Bldg. 7th floor, 24 February - 25 February 2011Public Panel Discussion 25 February 11.00 am, free entrance »LUDOTOPIA« is the key term and programmatic notion for spatial aspects of computergames.The questions we are interested in range from cartography in games, pervasiveness of game spaces, narrative and spatiality, theories of space as applicable to videogames, space as threat, and analyses of videogame space in terms of traditional conceptions of topology.Scholars from Game Studies, Philosophy, Media Studies, Cultural Studies and related fields handed in proposals for the Ludotopia I held in Copenhagen in May 2010. Ludotopia II built upon the findings and emerging questions raised at Ludotopia I and tries to critically review and revise the body of research accumulated at an earlier stage.Some of the general questions we intend to raise focus on:* Presentation and perception of computer game-spaces* Classification of computer game-spaces* Site-specifity in computer games* Function of maps in computer games* Media history and media archeology of game-spaces* Space in cinema, painting, computer- and videogames So far papers and impact lectures have been produced to cover these specific topics (selection):Espen AarsethLudoforming in Science Fiction Game WorldsCenter for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen Sebastian DomschSpace and Narrative in Computer GamesUni München Teun DubbelmanSeeking an Alternative for Cinematic Storytelling in Game Design.Towards a Spatial Aesthetic of Presence in 3D Avatar-driven Computer Games.Utrecht University Mathias Fuchsitineraria picta - itineraria scriptaThe University of Salford, Art & Design Alison GazzardRoutes through Gamespace: Maze Paths and Tracks in VideogamesAlison Gazzard, University of Bedfordshire, UK Stephan GünzelComputer Games as Spatial ConceptsUniversity of Potsdam, Germany Michael NitscheNo End of WorldsDigital World & Image Group, Georgia Institute of Technology Souvik MukherjeeVideogame Wastelands as (Non)Places and 'Any-Space-Whatever'sNottingham Trend University Sebastian MöringDistance and Fear – Defining the Play SpaceCenter for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen Stephan SchwingelerSimulation of Arbitrary Perspectives in Video GamesUniversity Trier Niklas SchrapeThe Rhetoric of Game Space in Global Conflicts: PalestineFilm and Television University »Konrad Wolf«, Babelsberg, Germany and PhD students from the University of Salford, Art & Design: David Hancock and Umran AliThe panel will present research questions and findings to a wider public. For more information, please contact Dr. Mathias Fuchs.Image: David Hancock, University of Salford: Sea of Ice, Painting 200 x 120 cm, ©2010  The workshop series is a project of: