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Kunstuni Linz: Ludic Interfaces

Es gibt einen neuen Studiengang an der Kunstuniversität in Linz, der sich mit Games und Game Art beschäftigt: Ludic Interfaces. Ein Interview mit Scientific Manager Georg Russegger stellt den Studiengang vor. Hier kann man sich bewerben.

»Ludic Interfaces is a Masters Degree programme development on a European level. This programme has been jointly developed by the University of Salford (UK), the University of Art & Design in Linz (Austria) and the Polytechnical University in Valencia (Spain). At the crossroads of Art, Design and New Media this programme explores playful practice and theoretical foundations of the new creative-artistic field of Ludic Interfaces. Ludic Interfaces are devices connecting human interactors in a playful manner with technical systems like computer programmes, game consoles, web applications or even complete buildings.«