prof. Zilvinas Lilas


Zilvinas Lilas is since 2004 a professor at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (Germany). In his academic career Prof. Lilas has been consistently engaged with the phenomenon of new technologies as an universal tool for creative self-expression.
After graduating the Ohio State University (MFA 1998) Z.Lilas was professionally engaged in Hollywood as technical director at such companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Oddworld Inhabitants, and etc, where he worked on a number of animated films, games, publications, and television projects including »Treasure Planet«, »Chicken Little« , and others. Recently he has been an author of diverse projects ranging from workshops, articles, a pilot of new experimental MA studies and a TV show. His expertise in the fields of art, design, technology and education is widely recognized and Prof. Lilas is a frequent expert at various EU and national evaluation panels.


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